About ZROC

We are the Z-Car and Roadster Owners Club.  We are located in Central Ohio.  For the most up to date listing of club activities, join our Facebook group or visit the events page.


ZROC Past:

ZROC was formed in Columbus, Ohio in January 2003. At the time, the club was made up of Columbus members from ZCCO (Z Car Club of Ohio) and the Ohio Roadsters Owners Club. At the very first meeting for ZROC, there were 17 members, 5 of whom are charter members who remain active in the club.

ZROC Present:

Today, we have more than 60 members who own and most importantly, DRIVE, cars ranging from the early Datsun Roadsters to the “Godzilla” of the Nissan family, the GTR. ZROC membership is open to anyone who is a Z and/or Nissan enthusiast, even if you don’t own a Z. We take pride in being an inclusive club that’s more like family than anything. A couple of our club mantras are, “We understand your sickness!” and “The only part of the Z we show are the taillights!” ZROC is a driving club first, but our members also enjoy getting together to wrench on cars or for social events through the year.

We start the yearly event calendar with our Annual Meeting where club officers are elected and the event schedule for the year is discussed and created. If you haven’t already, check out our event schedule for this year on our website or on our Facebook page! We have many driving, as well as non-driving, events that get our members out and about and spending some good quality time together. Again, we’re more like a
family here than a club, and we’re always ready and willing to get together for some good driving or a local event. A couple *important* events worth mentioning: our Heritage Tour drive where we visit our local area Nissan dealerships that actively support the club and its events, ZDayZ each May in the Smoky Mountains and the Midwest Z Heritage show [which ZROC has hosted three times now (’05, ’12 & ’16) –
the hosting club varies between several Midwest area clubs]. We also bring a pretty big presence of cars for the annual Arthritis Foundation Car Show every July.

ZROC Future:

We are always coming up with new stuff for the club, whether that is a new annual event/tradition (like the Council of Young’unz annual Christmas party or our newly added charity car show) or a new route to drive. So if you’re ever in, or just passing through, the central Ohio area, definitely look us up! Chances are you’ll find us at most every Z event, especially where driving is involved, talking about the “sickness”,
showing our taillights and making new Z friends. We’ll Z-ya on the next drive!