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Your ZROC membership gets you discounts from our club sponsors, a tee shirt, a window sticker, and tons of fun at our events.

If you want to join ZROC or are a new member, please click here to fill out an online membership form and make your payment.  

If you’re an existing member and wish to pay your annual dues online, please click on the Buy Now buttons below to be redirected to PayPal. Also, please click here to complete/update your preferred contact information so we have the most accurate records.

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5 thoughts on “Join ZROC Today

  1. I am a past ZROC member from the early years, and have a nice collection of Z memorabilia I am looking to sell. Is there somewhere to post it on the site? Thank you. Ken


  2. I’m hoping you;’ll at least enjoy the story…I’m actually in MA…I have my aunt’s 67 1600. Its been in MA since it was new and never gone further west than NY. I oddly enough went to OU…w/o it. Recently we let the registration lapse here do to a repair that went on too long. Went to retitle in MA and I’m told it was reported stolen in Toledo on 5/8/87. I’m trying to work w/the TPD to get the report taken out of a national data base…but they don’t show it in their computer. Curious if anyone in your club had a 67 stolen…in 87…or if its a duplicate VIN (I heard dealers did the dataplates in 67) or a typo….


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