First Meeting of 2017

I know most Z’s will still be in storage. But it’s time for us to meet again …

We have our first ZROC meeting of the new year scheduled for Saturday Feb 4 at 12:00 PM at Barley’s Smokehouse, 1130 Dublin Road
This is an important annual meeting whereby new offices are elected. We also review event suggestions, club recommendations, how do we grow the club, benefits of club membership, etc.

It’s very helpful to get off to a good start with high participation to make our club fun for us all. Therefore, I hope you can make this meeting.

Z-ya at the ZBEST Z club around – ZROC

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The Midwest Z Heritage Show

The Midwest Z Heritage Show is coming up?  Have you registered?  Click here now.

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Dealership Cruise Rescheduled for April 23rd

We will start at Buckeye Nissan at 10:30, cruise to Nissan North for lunch, and make our final stop at Germain Nissan.
Cars and Coffee prior to 10:30 for anyone who is interested.
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Dealership Tour Postponed

This weekend’s dealership tour has been cancelled due to expected inclement weather. We will be rescheduling soon.

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Midwest Heritage Z Show 2016

2016 is our year for hosting the Midwest Heritage Z Show.  We are currently planning to partner with the Arthritis Foundation Classic Car Show on July 7,8 and 9.  Visit the show website at  Mark your calendar and get involved.


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Grand Prix Karting Round 2!

Thank you Jim Corbett for organizing this event.

(From our Facebook Event) Well the response at the last Grand Prix Karting was great. The Sunday “Full Course” track and the competition was pretty awesome too!

So as I had said, let’s check out the other new Electric Kart Track on the West Side….so I went out and did the visit. Looks like it going to be a nice venue….someday! It needs to grow a bit and give drivers a little more straightaway, a lot more track and that’s all promised by Summer……sooooo. Back to the Grand Prix Karting on Alum Creek for another event.

This time we turned it up a notch….and its going to make you reach a little deeper in to the pocket…but I’m sure that everyone who ran the last time is ready to go again and will agree it was about as much fun as you can have indoors.

We’ve set up a three run event. The first session will be a practice, the second session will be qualifying for the main and third event….a super sprint..”Standing Start” set up to determine the ZROC Karting King.

Cost for the three session event is $55.00 and everyone pays their entry. Podium finish and a Trophy for the winner.

Now there’s a little issue that everyone will need to know….the Standing Start makes that first lap a bit challenging. They don’t use this method any longer as there were too many wrecks at the beginning…but I convinced them that we’d be respectful…and anyone who cause a wreck at the start and first lap will be “going to the trailer” and assessed a 1 lap penalty…taking you out of the winning. It racing not wrecking…we’ll all have to find a way by….later in the race.

So please let us know as there’s a limited amount of space, and it’s first come first serve. The count is at 5…so we’re over 25% full!

If you have questions call Jim Corbett. 570-9268


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ZROC Invades Grand Prix Karting

Several of us escaped the frigid weather to enjoy the indoor karts at Grand Prix Karting on Sunday evening.  The indoor track proved to be just what we needed to get some winter driving fun under our belts.  The karts were fast and a good time was had by all.  Here are some of the photos that were shared.

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