ZROC Events Calendar

Please keep in mind this calendar may show ALL events, both official and unofficial, for the club. If you want details on which events are official ZROC events, please view 2019 Schedule of Events.

5 thoughts on “Events

  1. if i wanted to on the covered bridge tour, who would i have to get in touch with, and why isn’t the info on the ZROC CLUB site….am a member now and no one has contacted me , so how does a new member know whats going on ?


    1. Hi Michael – the information for the Covered Bridge Tour will be sent out via email the week of the drive [details such as meeting location, time, etc will be shared here]. We also share all of this information on our Facebook site within the events pages themselves. I apologize for you not being contacted – if you could shoot me a quick email at, I’d love to answer any further questions you have.


  2. Is there anyone interested in buying a 1070 Datsun 1600 Fairlady Roadster? I live in Oro Valley, AZ (near Tucson) and it is a CA/AZ car with NO RUST. Runs GREAT! Asking $25,000.



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