And ZROC Wins Again!


This past weekend, ZROC showed (yet again) how we roll. We had 25 cars at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on Sunday June 25th for the Vintage Grand Prix.

Several members departed from Delaware headed to Lexington, Ohio to meet up with other members who were already there or took their own routes to get there. We parked our cars and instantly it was obvious what club was present – ZROC of course! As one of the staff members said to us, “Oh, you’re with ZROC – you guys always bring really great numbers to this event!” This is one of those events that is on our annual schedule and will always be on the calendar.

It was a great day spent watching some racing – and supporting our own ZROC racer, Lowell Marx #50 – enjoying the weather when it wasn’t chilly and windy, and having a delicious potluck lunch of burgers, hot dogs and LOTS of dessert options! Thanks to ZROC for providing the hot dogs and burgers for the club!

Let’s not forget the greatest part of the day – when we found out that ZROC got the “Best Club” Award again. Thanks to our members who come out to this event year after year. We wouldn’t get awards like this if it weren’t for our wonderful ZROC family!

Check out some pictures from the races and other events we’ve had here. And don’t forget about some of our upcoming events – Columbus Clippers Game & Fireworks, The Arthritis Foundation Car Show & many more through the rest of the year!

Until next time…

One thought on “And ZROC Wins Again!

  1. It was great to meet other owners who attended the Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix event. I see they are members now upon discovering what ZROC is all about: Z car fanatics..


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