Keep Calm & Race On

We made our first visit to Buckeye Raceway and had a blast on a windy Sunday! We had a HUGE turnout to this event – a total of 21 people! There was plenty of speeding, bumping, blocking and even a few fender benders making this a “track day” to remember. There was some stiff competition for the fastest times of the day and after 3 heats [even one in the dark], Brian Bivens got pushed out of his first place spot by Kyle McGlone. Hopefully everyone had a good time, and if you missed out, be sure to stay tuned here for our next event!

The ZROC crew showing Buckeye Raceway we know how to show up
Top times of the day: Kyle McGlone, Brian Bivens, Reanna Doll, Joe Landon

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