Ice cream with a view!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the ice cream drive. We took a nice back road cruise on our way to Aerial Foundation Park in Mt. Vernon to see the sights and they were mighty tall (almost 250 steps!). Afterward, we headed to the main event, ice cream at Round Hill Dairy. A nice, quiet and quaint place, it was really good ice cream. The rain held off until we left and it was a good day for all. Next up, our infamous ZDAYZ trip. Hope you see you all there!

Annual Dealer Heritage Drive

WOW, about sums up the 2019 Annual Dealer Heritage Drive! What a turn out we had from start to finish, with an early morning start at Lennox Cars & Coffee, then a caravan to Nissan North for lunch, followed by stops at Buckeye Nissan & Georgesville Nissan. Many thanks to all our current/new members and to ALL of our dealers, who are such wonderful hosts! If you didn’t get a chance to join us, please check our the event calendar on the website and on Facebook. Next event is Saturday, May 4th. Originally scheduled to be a drive to Velvet Ice Cream in Utica, we are planning an alternate route and stop (still for ice cream, so no worries about missing out on sweets!). We look forward to Zeeing you!

Keep Calm & Race On

We made our first visit to Buckeye Raceway and had a blast on a windy Sunday! We had a HUGE turnout to this event – a total of 21 people! There was plenty of speeding, bumping, blocking and even a few fender benders making this a “track day” to remember. There was some stiff competition for the fastest times of the day and after 3 heats [even one in the dark], Brian Bivens got pushed out of his first place spot by Kyle McGlone. Hopefully everyone had a good time, and if you missed out, be sure to stay tuned here for our next event!

The ZROC crew showing Buckeye Raceway we know how to show up
Top times of the day: Kyle McGlone, Brian Bivens, Reanna Doll, Joe Landon

2019 Schedule of Events

Hi ZROC! We have our finalized version of the 2019 schedule of events for you! We’d love to see your faces and cars at some of these events throughout the rest of the year. The Google calendar for our events can sometimes be a little buggy, so please reference the actual event pages on Facebook, or review the list of events linked below. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or email us at!

2019 ZROC Events



2019 Annual Meeting!

This past Saturday we held our annual meeting at Miller’s Ale House, where we elected new board members! Many thanks to everyone who came out and voted. We saw some new faces, so hopefully that is a sign of things to come!

After all the votes were tallied, we have the following results:

2019 ZROC Board Members:

Jessica Padavana, President
Paul Nyikes, Vice President
Brian Bivens, Communications
Joe Landon, Membership
Ernie Lawson, Treasurer
Jim Corbett, Dealer Relations
Paul Oliverio, Member At-Large

We have some new faces on the board, which is awesome to have! It is always nice to get different members involved. Also, after 16 years, we have our youngest and FIRST female President! The board will be meeting soon to discuss the 2019 event schedule and will be sending that out as soon as it is completed.

We are excited so see what 2019 brings, so feel free to reach out to any of us, through email or Facebook, if you have any comments or suggestions.

Z-ya at the next event!

Thanks for a GREAT 2018 Season!

Thank you all for attending our end of year meeting/luncheon a couple weekends ago – it was a great time and so good to see everyone before we all get crazy busy with the holiday season. New photos from the luncheon have been added to our photo page so go take a look!

Congratulations again to our 2018 Member of the Year – Steve Padavana.


This was a well-deserved award for all you do with, and for, the club. From attending most events to donating services/products/time whenever the club needs them [flyers, signs, banners, etc] – we thank you and appreciate all you do!

Like I mentioned at the meeting, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we aren’t still going to do fun things throughout the winter months. Stay tuned to email and Facebook as we will make announcements regarding these events. A couple that come to mind are: the COY 3rd Annual Christmas Party [coming up soon – Saturday December 8th], a ZROC CBJ game, a gun range day and other fun events to be planned.

Also, please stay tuned for an announcement from the nominating committee regarding available board positions and a list of who will be running for the various positions.

Until next time ZROC!

End of Summer Recap

Hi everyone! We’ve had a fun summer this year. We gave a recap through June, and now here’s a recap from the rest of the summer, from the most recent (ZROC’s 2nd Annual Charity Car Show), to the oldest since our last update (Arthritis Foundation Car Show).

ZROC’s 2nd Annual Charity Car Show – September 15th – Dublin, Ohio

We didn’t have quite as great of a turnout for this year as we previously did, but we were still able to raise a pretty good chunk of change for PetFBI. We had about 30 cars, and were able to give PetFBI a solid $800 donation from ZROC (ZROC was again able to match 100% of the proceeds to double the donation)! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported, or supported from afar. We, and PetFBI appreciate it. A special thanks goes out to Steve Padavana for donating the flyers, signs for the show and for printing us this check to present to PetFBI, as well as winning and donating the 50/50 raffle prize money . Another shout out to Roosters Men’s Grooming Center for donating almost $100 to PetFBI during the show from their sale of hot dogs and waters!


A few of our winners, from top to bottom: The “Best of Show: award –  winner of Best of Show, Nick Ida – winner of 1st place foreign, Sam Collis – winner of 1st place domestic, Kyle McGlone

20180915_141025     20180915_141018  20180915_140426   20180915_140633

Covered Bridge Drive – August 26th

Brian Bivens put together a great route for our Covered Bridge Drive. We had a great turnout, and even though it rained a bit, had a great time driving some back rounds and visiting a few of the many covered bridges in Ohio.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

555 Drive – August 11th

We had a great turnout for this drive. The weather was nearly perfect [just a little sprinkling here and there] and we enjoyed some of Ohio’s most twisty roads. We wrapped up the drive with lunch at Papa Boo’s at Buckeye Lake!



Arthritis Foundation Car Show – July 6-7th

Unfortunately, I missed this event, but we still had a pretty good turnout for one of our oldest charity events of the season. From what I heard, the weather was incredible, the people were amazing and the cars were gorgeous!


I think that’s most of the updates from the back half of the summer. Stay tuned for upcoming updates! Be sure to stay check your email and/or Facebook for any news and updates about the remainder of 2018 club events. Next up, Hocking Hills on Saturday September 29th!

Z ya next time!

ZCCM Love!


If you were at ZDayZ then you know we had some fun with a little photoshoot for ZCCM magazine. If you missed it, or want to see the outcome of that fun photoshoot, take a look at the newest edition (link below).

ZCCM Magazine

Thanks to Art Singer for taking these amazing photos, and for always making this magazine a fun and interesting read!

Z ya later…


June Recap

It’s been a busy couple of months since our first event of the season back in April! May brought us our membership drive and ZDayZ [we had close to 30 members attending this year!]. June has been just as busy a month – we had the Midwest Z Heritage Show in Nashville, IN a couple weeks ago, and the Vintage Grand Prix at MidOhio this past weekend.

Read below for a quick recap on both events!

Midwest Z Heritage Show – Nashville, IN – June 15 & 16

Some of the ZROC crew with the regional trophy

For the 2nd year in a row, ZROC won the traveling trophy for the best club presence at the show! We had many members, both old and a couple new, show up to show off their cars and have a good time. Click here to see a video recap of the car show… you’ll notice some familiar faces and cars!

2018 Vintage Grand Prix – MidOhio – June 24th

Just this past weekend, we went to MidOhio for the annual Vintage Grand Prix. We had at LEAST 22 cars show up, and some of our members even won some nice ribbons! We enjoyed good food, good beer and great times watching some of our ZROC fam racing. Check out ZROC’s own Andy Doll & Lowell Marx in one of their races, as well as the couple of ribbon winners from this weekend.


ZROC’s Andy Doll & Lowell Marx racing at the VGP

Jess Padavana & Nick Ida, Runner Up Contemporary & 1st Place Historic, respectively

As always, it’s been a fun season so far. Stay tuned to Facebook and emails for future events this summer. Up next… the Arthritis Foundation Auto Show on July 6 & 7th in Dublin, Ohio!

Z ya next time…

Kickoff Event of 2018 Season

Thank you to all of our great members who joined us for our first kickoff event of the season, the 2018 Heritage Dealers Tour! We had 20+ cars which is a GREAT turnout for our first event of the season. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the other exciting events coming up this season!

All week, people were worried the weather might not work out for us, but we ended up with an amazing beautiful spring day! The rain didn’t roll in until about 1:30, right about the time we headed out for our last stop.

I’d also like to give a HUGE thank you to our sponsors who took amazing care of us as always and showed us just why we love our sponsors so much. Thanks for having us Georgesville Nissan, Buckeye Nissan, Nissan North & Germain Nissan. Members, make sure you stop in some time and show them some love!

Z you at the next event!