Life is too short to drive a boring car


Spring is upon us and that means the driving season is about to begin! The Z’s are slowly making their way out of hibernation and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to some fun driving adventures coming up in the next couple of months. If you haven’t already, take a look at our schedule of events here: 2017 Schedule of Events. You can also find more information about our upcoming events here: ZROC Facebook

Our first event of the season is always our annual Heritage Tour Drive where we visit several dealerships in central Columbus and catch up with all of our ZROC family members. This year, we have a special treat as there is now a new Nissan dealership open in Columbus — Georgesville Nissan. Georgesville Nissan has been so kind as to host a pancake breakfast for us to kick our Heritage Tour off right! From Georgesville Nissan, we will head to Buckeye Nissan over in Hilliard for a bit, then head up to Nissan North for lunch, then hitting our last stop at Germain Nissan. This event is a great way to meet fellow ZROC members, old and new [who may have joined over the hibernation period], as well as to talk to our dealership sponsors to learn more about what discounts and services they offer to us.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend!


2017 Schedule of Events

Hi ZROC! We have an updated copy of our schedule of events for this year. We were waiting on some details for events that aren’t being hosted by ZROC, and now those details have been added to our schedule. We’d love to see your faces and cars at some of these events throughout the rest of the year. The Google calendar for our events seems to be a little bit buggy on times/locations, so please reference the actual event pages on Facebook, or review the list of events linked below. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or email us at!

2017 Schedule of Events


Jess, VP Communications

First Meeting of 2017

I know most Z’s will still be in storage. But it’s time for us to meet again …

We have our first ZROC meeting of the new year scheduled for Saturday Feb 4 at 12:00 PM at Barley’s Smokehouse, 1130 Dublin Road
This is an important annual meeting whereby new offices are elected. We also review event suggestions, club recommendations, how do we grow the club, benefits of club membership, etc.

It’s very helpful to get off to a good start with high participation to make our club fun for us all. Therefore, I hope you can make this meeting.

Z-ya at the ZBEST Z club around – ZROC