End of Season Questionnaire

Hey ZROC! Thanks to all of you who came to the end of year luncheon yesterday [I’ll be posting photos later today/this week]. We had a great crowd and hope to continue that momentum throughout the winter social season and into 2018!
Here is a link to our end of season questionnaire. You can share your thoughts and opinions with us so we can continue to improve the ZROC experience!
Our next official event is Saturday December 2nd, for the COY’s 2nd Annual Christmas Party. Stay tuned for more details!

ZROC’s 1st Annual Charity Car Show – HUGE SUCCESS! Part 2…


Presenting ZROC’s donation check to Capital Area Humane Society/Columbus Humane. Pictured (from left to right): Alexis McDaniel (with Gizmo), Tom Marshall, Brian Bivens, Bonnie Nyikes, Paul Nyikes, Jessica Padavana & Ryan Augenstein

Good morning ZROC!

Last night, several of our members went to the Capital Area Humane Society (their name has now changed to Columbus Humane) to present them with the check donation from our 1st Annual Charity Car Show! Once everything was said and done, the show raised $992.94 dollars through the water sales, registration for the car show, raffle prizes, and the very generous donation of our 50/50 raffle winner. We also had one stand out member, Randy Lynn, who not only donated [$50] prior to the show [thinking he wouldn’t be able to make the show], but registered his car on the day of for the show [$20], as well as gave an ADDITIONAL donation to CAHS during the show [$50].

Members of the board took a vote prior to the show and decided that ZROC itself was going to donate additional money, on top of what we raised from the show. This allowed us to make a final donation in the amount of $1500 to the Capital Area Humane Society/Columbus Humane!

A couple additional quick thanks:

  • Everyone who attended, shared and/or promoted the show – we couldn’t have done it without your support
  • CPMM Services Group, Inc. for donating banners, registration placards and employee time for projects relating to the car show
  • The raffle prize donors: Bernadette Padavana, Pet People, AutoZone & Georgesville Nissan/Joe Federer/Nissan [and Joe Landon who added a little something extra to the Nissan gift bag!]
  • Jori’s Catering & Concessions for the delicious food
  • Matt Childers, the DJ/emcee for our event
  • The Capital Area Humane Society/Columbus Humane volunteers who brought some adoptable dogs to the show – as of last night, Gizmo was still availble (click here for more info on her)!

One final note: the date for the end of year meeting has changed! The original date on the Event Schedule was Nov 11, but OSU has a home game that day. We have now moved the end of year meeting to November 4th. Please stay tuned here and on Facebook for additional details.

Until next time ZROCers…


ZROC’s 1st Annual Charity Car Show – HUGE SUCCESS!


ZROC held our first (hopefully annual) charity car show yesterday at Georgesville Nissan and it was a HUGE success. We started the day off with 37 pre-registered cars, and ended up at 50+ cars once everything was said and done. We raised over $1200 for the Capital Area Humane Society through registrations, bottled water donations and some awesome raffle prizes. We will be presenting CAHS a check very soon so stay tuned for updates on that!

Take a look at some of the pictures below and feel free to add your own!

Event/Club Photos

Thanks to everyone who participated yesterday to make this is a great event. A couple special shout outs:

  • Joe Federer (and all the other staff) at Georgesville Nissan for both donating raffle prizes and helping us put on this amazing show
  • Jori’s Catering & Concessions for providing yummy food for everyone – we heard great reviews from people about the food!
  • The Capital Area Humane Society volunteers who brought some adoptable dogs to the show
  • Pet People, Auto Zone & Bernadette Padavana for donating raffle prizes
  • Matt, our DJ and MC for the show
  • Brandon Samples – for donating back the 50/50 raffle prize money to the Capital Area Humane Society!

Until next time Z Fam…

Summer Catch Up

Hi ZROC! Sorry for the delay in getting this post up – it’s been a crazy July! ZROC had a lot of fun things going on in July. Check out the rest of this post to see some of the events we had!

First we started off with some rooftop garage pre-gaming and then went to the Clippers game (July 8, 2017). Check out a picture of the group below!


A couple weeks later, we had the Arthritis Foundation Car Show. We had a VERY good turn out of cars [we had 20+ cars there!] and the weather was beautiful – a bit warm, but sunshine and clear skies all day long.


More pictures from both events can be seen here.

Up next: 555 Drive on August 19th. Details can be found on the ZROC Facebook page and they will be sent out via email as well.

Also, be sure to check out the details for our 1st Annual Charity Car Show. Information is on Facebook and you can also find details here. Registration is limited so get registered today!

Until next time ZROC…

And ZROC Wins Again!


This past weekend, ZROC showed (yet again) how we roll. We had 25 cars at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on Sunday June 25th for the Vintage Grand Prix.

Several members departed from Delaware headed to Lexington, Ohio to meet up with other members who were already there or took their own routes to get there. We parked our cars and instantly it was obvious what club was present – ZROC of course! As one of the staff members said to us, “Oh, you’re with ZROC – you guys always bring really great numbers to this event!” This is one of those events that is on our annual schedule and will always be on the calendar.

It was a great day spent watching some racing – and supporting our own ZROC racer, Lowell Marx #50 – enjoying the weather when it wasn’t chilly and windy, and having a delicious potluck lunch of burgers, hot dogs and LOTS of dessert options! Thanks to ZROC for providing the hot dogs and burgers for the club!

Let’s not forget the greatest part of the day – when we found out that ZROC got the “Best Club” Award again. Thanks to our members who come out to this event year after year. We wouldn’t get awards like this if it weren’t for our wonderful ZROC family!

Check out some pictures from the races and other events we’ve had here. And don’t forget about some of our upcoming events – Columbus Clippers Game & Fireworks, The Arthritis Foundation Car Show & many more through the rest of the year!

Until next time…

ZDayZ 2017

It’s been about a month since our last event and post, so I figured we’re about due for a little update. Last month, a group of ZROC members – about 28 of us! – attended one of the greatest and most fun events of the entire year, ZDayZ, down in the Smoky Mountains at Fontana Village Resort. For those of you who have never been, it’s an event you should definitely try to experience for yourself. There are amazing twisty roads, a huge Z family that spans all across the country (and even a little bit out of the country), and a really fun long weekend with fellow enthusiasts. This event is held annually, during the 3rd week/weekend of May. If you’d like to check out more, visit the website here. To see some photos, check out our Facebook page, or head to our newly added website page, Event/Club Photos.


Our next event will be coming up here in a couple of weeks – The Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix (on Sunday June 25th). We always have a pretty good showing at this event, and this is one of those events where we LOVE to show how ZROC rolls. We have gotten an award for best club attendance for several years (as seen above in our photo from last year). We usually get BBQ from City BBQ and then everyone brings a side dish/dessert/snack/whatever they feel like bringing to share with the group. We’ll set up a couple pop-ups, open up the chairs and just have an enjoyable Sunday morning/afternoon watching some racing and hanging out. For more information, check out the event page on Facebook here.


Following this event, we have another social gathering planned to attend a Columbus Clippers game on Saturday July 8th. If you’re interested in attending this game, please get in touch with Jess Padavana. The tickets should be in section 4 and are $14/each. As this is a Saturday evening game with fireworks after the game, we need to get the tickets ordered ASAP. The deadline to be guaranteed a seat in the block section of seats with ZROC is this Friday, June 9th, a noon. After this time, we may be able to add additional tickets with our group, but it is NOT GUARANTEED.

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

The start of the season

We’ve had a pretty successful start to our season!

Something we discussed while visiting Georgesville Nissan a couple weeks ago was greeting potential new members when they purchase a Z. We got our first chance to show them just how ZROC rolls last week. Beaux purchased a brand new 370 Z from Georgesville Nissan and he took delivery of it on Friday April 28th. A few ZROC members went to the dealership to welcome him into the club and escort him as he drove his brand new car off the lot (some even following him up 270 to Fishinger Road!) What made this greeting and subsequent ZROC escort out of the dealership even more special is that Beaux just completed his chemo treatments and is enjoying life!

Check out some photos that Georgesville Nissan posted on Facebook below. You can also checkout the Georgesville Nissan Facebook page here.


Yesterday was our ZDayZ prep day at the Z Barn. We had a few members head up north to Delaware to help tinker on some cars. We did a fluid flush, attempted to fix a little plastic clip for a trunk finisher, and replaced some brake pads and rotors. We ran into a couple of issues trying to put new brakes and rotors on one of our members’ daily driver (a Honda CRV) so the drive portion of the day ended up just being a drive to downtown Delaware to grab a bite to eat and a couple of beers at Old Bag of Nails. We got lucky with the weather – it was a bit chilly, but at least it wasn’t raining and the sun was out intermittently.

Next up is a possible drive this coming weekend, May 13th, around Columbus to sample a few of our local microbreweries. And then, ZDayZ 2017 the following weekend (May 18-21) in the beautiful Smoky Mountains! Stay tuned here and check out our Facebook to stay up to date on current events!

Until next time… enjoy the spring weather with those gorgeous cars of yours!