First Drive of the Season – Annual Heritage Tour Dealers Drive

If you’re reading this, then you have seen our newest updates to the website – hopefully the changes are welcome! We just had one of the greatest first events of the season I personally have ever experienced this past weekend. It was our annual Heritage Tour Dealers Drive and I must say that I was very impressed with our turnout – especially with an 8 am start time. We had over 30 cars in attendance throughout the day. Now THAT is how ZROC represents! 

The morning started off at Georgesville Nissan and the folks over there did not disappoint. Our visit started with a tour of the brand new and pretty awesome facility – from their showroom to their service area – by Joe Federer. After the tour was finished, we all gathered around to see if we had won prizes from the raffle they put together for us. Then, before taking a group photo in front of the dealership, we were given goodie bags to take on our drive for the remainder of the day. They also were taking some video footage during our visit. If you missed this stop, or just want to look back on our visit, check out the video here.

Up next, we stopped at Buckeye Nissan in Hilliard. We got some time to catch up with our members, old and new alike, look at some new inventory (and some cars we’ll be buying in the future) and enjoy the beautiful morning with some great cars and even greater people.


From there we headed north to visit Nissan North. They provided us with lunch – chicken, baked beans and mac and cheese! We got more time here to chat as a club, check out each others cars and just enjoy the beautiful spring day.


Our last stop was Germain Nissan. We parked our Nissans in a line and hung out with some of the staff we see every year during this drive. At this point, some of us were sunburnt and in need of a nap. We all headed out – some to head home to take advantage of the gorgeous day, some across the street for a cold beverage after a great drive.


If you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry – we have a LOT of other events coming up throughout the rest of the year. Next up – ZDayZ Prep at the Z Barn on May 6!

Until then, enjoy the gorgeous spring (or as some members call it, turbo) weather and we’ll see you soon!

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