The start of the season

We’ve had a pretty successful start to our season!

Something we discussed while visiting Georgesville Nissan a couple weeks ago was greeting potential new members when they purchase a Z. We got our first chance to show them just how ZROC rolls last week. Beaux purchased a brand new 370 Z from Georgesville Nissan and he took delivery of it on Friday April 28th. A few ZROC members went to the dealership to welcome him into the club and escort him as he drove his brand new car off the lot (some even following him up 270 to Fishinger Road!) What made this greeting and subsequent ZROC escort out of the dealership even more special is that Beaux just completed his chemo treatments and is enjoying life!

Check out some photos that Georgesville Nissan posted on Facebook below. You can also checkout the Georgesville Nissan Facebook page here.


Yesterday was our ZDayZ prep day at the Z Barn. We had a few members head up north to Delaware to help tinker on some cars. We did a fluid flush, attempted to fix a little plastic clip for a trunk finisher, and replaced some brake pads and rotors. We ran into a couple of issues trying to put new brakes and rotors on one of our members’ daily driver (a Honda CRV) so the drive portion of the day ended up just being a drive to downtown Delaware to grab a bite to eat and a couple of beers at Old Bag of Nails. We got lucky with the weather – it was a bit chilly, but at least it wasn’t raining and the sun was out intermittently.

Next up is a possible drive this coming weekend, May 13th, around Columbus to sample a few of our local microbreweries. And then, ZDayZ 2017 the following weekend (May 18-21) in the beautiful Smoky Mountains! Stay tuned here and check out our Facebook to stay up to date on current events!

Until next time… enjoy the spring weather with those gorgeous cars of yours!

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