B Precise Auto Detailing Open House

Some of our members took advantage of the nice weather and attended an open house put on by B Precise Auto Detailing that took place in Johnstown on Saturday, March 5th. Board member and employee of B Precise, Scottie Wappenstein, graciously invited us. As usual, the company was great and the cars and weather were fantastic!

2 thoughts on “B Precise Auto Detailing Open House

  1. Hi. Just wondering if there is an email chain we need to subscribe to in order to get notification of events. We didn’t even know this was happening. We’re not on Facebook.

    Suzanne Phillippi


    1. Hello Suzanne! If you click on “join ZROC today” at the top right of the website, you can join the club and we will add you to the email list. Out next club event is Saturday, April 23rd. We are doing our annual dealer drive where we visit multiple dealers around Columbus. If you like to join us to see what it’s all about, please feel free. We are meeting at Georgesville Nissan @ 9am. Hope to see you then!


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